IYP 2023



                 For the protection of the humanity it is required for the youth to be developed and educated. Keeping in the mind the line of a song that, "एक अकेला थक जाएगा, मिलकर राह दिखाना, साथी हाथ बढ़ाना..." we should bring  unity among all of us.


                Connect youth with each other with the feeling of “बसुधैव कुटुम्बकं ”.

                In recent time we have seen and experienced that youth is eager to see the change and want to see the country grow, which was clear through the participation of youth in recent elections. But,  still we have  diverse  youth working in varied directions and even the government seems not to be in sync with our real needs!

This made us realise that to make our nation grow  in a consolidated approach, towards one direction is required.  Hence, we are introducing a platform where experts of each field, whether it’s politics, art  or  business, would be there along with our youth.  Experts will get a chance to show the vision behind each policy  and provide small goals to the youth to work towards that direction.  Similarly, youth will get an opportunity to share their ground level difficulties and requirements so that the experts  will consider those and can work towards it. We are working closely with youth as a social group from last 14 years in different fields.


Join Us For

-   To spread the thoughts to entire world, vision on humanity and try to implement them.

-   To increase participation of youth at world  level in those areas which  highly require their roles.    

-   To introduce the  youth about their social responsibility. 

-   To provide adequate opportunities to develop leadership skills in youth.  

-   To connect youth with the great tradition of India which would develop their moral character.

-   To promote the works which are beneficial for the humanity  at world level. 

-   To use the youth power in  the benefit of the world. 

-   To protect humanity or universality of mankind connecting with nature.


                With the thought of connecting youth with each other and direct their positive energy towards one direction, we are organising an event named Indian Youth Parliament . It would be a platform where more than 1000 students will gather, ask questions and share their views in a straight way with the representatives and experts of different fields. Similarly, government representatives and experts will get a platform to share the vision.

                Let’s lit the candle of awareness,

                Let’s participate in nation building

                Let’s join hands for.. Each other- Together

                Today, in our democracy, we people elect our leaders who represent us in parliament. But once they are elected, they take decisions on their biased individual basis and participation of the people can’t be seen. The aim is to provide those people a platform via which people can ask questions, provide suggestions to their representatives as well as the chosen leaders can also share their vision and reason for each of their course of action.  As we all know 60% of our population is Youth and Youth is the one who plays an important role in the success story of any country but unfortunately we see a huge gap between our Indian Youth and politicians. It is important that in today’s time youth and our leaders compliment each other. Hence, we are happy to share with you that we are conducting an platform of dialogue  with the aim of bridging the gap between these two  pillars of our nation!

                To ensure the maximum participation of the country, representatives from all the states of India as well as, representatives of younger generation from neighbouring countries will get together at one platform – Indian Youth Parliament.


For more information contact: 

                The Indian Youth Parliament, in partnership with some like minded organisations will hold a three-day Youth Parliament session on 15 to 17th September, in Jaipur.

                The participants are drawn from youth. The outcome of the parliament will be to suggest practical action plans that are essential for betterment of politics and society. The session is part of a series of efforts to ensure that young people, who derive working in Society, are retained in society and allied activities through ways to make society more constructive and positive to youth. This is the first in the series of  Youth Parliament. Over 500 young people have been reached through the earlier Youth Assembly, which took place lately.

For more information contact: 

                Young men and women are encouraged to apply. The last date for receiving applications is 5th September. There is entry fee. For details click on indianyouthparliament.co.in or www.mediafoundation.co.in.

                In case of any query, please do not hesitate to contact us on +91-9887303403, +91-9413994475. In case you need more clarifications, you may send us your queries on yuwasansad@gmail.com


                There are currently many universities in the country including deemed universities. Politics and society is becoming knowledge intensive and there is need for retaining Youths in our cities and villages to achieve desired upgrading of social activities. We need to adopt a National Strategy for the knowledge and skill empowerment of Indian families.

                At present, most of the youth are either taking jobs in government sector, financial institutions or in the private sector. Few are willing to adopt politics as a profession. There is urgent need to increase the productivity, profitability and sustainability of major systems in the country through synergy between technology and public policy. Despite the technological advancements, here exists a huge gap between youth and political leaders! How ironical it is! This is why it is essential that steps be taken to attract and retain educated youth in politics and society. They can help rural women and men learn new skills and technologies including bio technology, Information Communication Technology and renewable energy technology.

                They can also help in need based services including appropriate and good quality  needed to apply the knowledge will have to be concurrent at the politics and society level.

                There is also a need to review reasons for slow progress of various policies and schemes in politics and society, specifically to provide remunerative self-employment opportunities to youth.

With the sole purpose of connecting youth with each other and implement their positive energies towards one direction, we are involved in various activities as listed below:

Since last one year, we have successfully conducted 25+ workshops with the youth of Rajasthan discussing the scope of development in Law and order, media, women safety, society development. The dialog was held between the representatives of National Political Parties, and the youth faces of Indian Youth Parliament.

We have been also engaged in the Media Workshops, where we organise media dialog with the college students about how they should play a vital role in the development of citizen journalism and preparing them to create awareness in society





(Please read all instructions before submitting the registration form)


a)       Registration fee includes-participation fee for the 3 days; a participation kit, Lunch coupons; snacks & Cold drinks and a exclusive  participation Certificate at end of the event (all sessions have to be attended compulsorily).

b)      The registration fee does not include boarding & lodging arrangement. Participants will have to make their own boarding and lodging arrangements in Jaipur. However, we will provide assistance to find a suitable accommodation in Jaipur against payment by the participation. This would be on first come and availability basis.

c)       The form should be submitted, complete in all aspects along with the registration fee.

d)      Registration fees can also be personally submitted with along with registration form at our office.

Demand draft favouring  “Media Foundation”, payable at Jaipur.